Sauna Mats are Awesome!

About a year ago I was turned onto Far Infrared and Infrared light in detoxing. I was amazed that this little handheld unit could provoke a reaction so high as to fatigue me by mid afternoon. Then, I was introduced to saunas. Looking into the myriad of types available, I didn’t feel like an enclosed tent, or building a sauna room was workable. However, lying on a mat seemed really doable.

I was referred to HealthyLine by another therapist I knew. They are well made, and have a number of features and options available. The first mat I bought from them was the Mesh JT Mat Full 7224. It was their least expensive mat that was full length and is composed of jade and tourmaline gemstones. Lying on it was pretty awesome. Of course I overdid it! I didn’t know my FM doc recommended only spending 30 min max and 3x/week on it! But doing it 2 days in a row would wipe me out. So very glad to see it was doing something!

Then I upgraded to their Platinum Mat Full 7224, which is fully configurable and includes a variety of gemstones, along with photo light therapy and PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields). Here is my daughter’s Boo Boo Bunny enjoying his time on the mat:

I must say the PEMF was very powerful in its effect. I set it on the Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hz and I nearly dozed off within a few minutes! I didn’t even have the temperature on it all that high!

So why am I using these mats? I am still tracking down why my thyroid numbers are off. We have tried everything so now I am attempting to detox anything and everything in my system, even if blood tests don’t show them there. Remember that blood tests only show elements in your blood; they do not show what is stored in your tissues. For example, adipose tissue is known to store toxins of all sorts but you won’t be able to test for that in your blood. By some counts there are over 300,000 out there and we don’t know their effects on the human body. You can check them out at the EPA site.

Enough fear talk! Back to my thyroid. Something in my body is throwing off my TSH numbers despite having in-range thyroid markers. One of those could be some form of endocrine disruption or cellular signaling issue created by some toxin that has taken up residence in my body.

With the help of this sauna mat (and some binders, along with FSM), I hope to start pulling out as much of these chemicals as possible, with the best techniques we know at this point. I’ll be reporting back on this project probably 4-5 months from now to see how my thyroid numbers are doing.

(By the way, the nice folks at HealthyLine gave me discount code for you all, if you want to save some money! Use code CoachD10 for 10% off your purchase and free shipping! And yes, I do make some commission off this sale, so please consider that if/when you decide to use that code.)

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