In my quest for finding new running shoes, I noticed I was getting more blisters than normal. After about 30 min of running, especially on the treadmill, I could feel some serious rubbing on my soles, which would ultimately lead to swelling of my feet and then severe blistering.
I tried everything. Lube on my feet. Nope. Wider shoes. Nope. Tying looser or tighter. Nope.
Then I thought that maybe my socks had something to do with it. I ran down to Sports Basement and bought some Wright socks advertised as “frictionless”.
And that was it. Apparently, my other socks were old enough such that fabric was wearing down and getting abrasive and especially when they got wet from my sweaty feet, the friction would really do a number on my soles.
With the new socks, the fabric hadn’t broken down yet. Plus, these had some funky design so that they would help prevent blisters.
Amazing that just keeping socks new would help me here. You learn something new everyday…

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