The Vitamins and Supplements I Take Every Day

I thought I’d post all the pills, vitamins, and supplements I take every day. Here they are:
Moxxor Omega-3s (4) – Highly concentrated Omega-3s with no fish burps, made from shellfish.
New Chapter Probiotic All Flora (2) – Proper care of friendly bacteria in the digestive tract is supposed to ward off diseases of all sorts.
Vitamin D3 2000IU (1) – Doctors say we’re low on D in general.
Solgar Gentle Iron 25mg (1) – Blood tests showed me low on iron, and important for oxygen transport for us athletes.
Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega+CoQ10 (2) – More Omega-3s, but with CoQ10 which helps performance and recovery.
Whole Foods Vitamin C 1000mg (1) – Sickness prevention FTW!
Whole Foods Ginkgo Biloba 60mg (1) – I’m not getting any younger, my brain can use any help at all!
Whole Foods High Potency Multi (1) – A whole lot of all vitamins.
Whole Foods B Complex (1) – Supposedly helps the fat metabolizers (see below).
First Endurance Multi-V (3) – A special mix for athletes, plus some herbs to enhance performance.
First Endurance Optygen (3) – Tibetan monks nibble on these herbs to increase their ability to endure the high altitudes, supposedly increasing oxygen utilization.
In addition to that daily cocktail, I started supplementing based on Tim Ferriss’s book, 4-Hour Body, which are supposed to enhance one’s fat metabolism. With every meal, I take:
365 Garlic 500mg (1)
365 Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg (1)
Now Green Tea Extract 400mg (2)
And then, at night before I go to sleep:
Jarrow Policosanol 10mg 2 (2)
365 Garlic 500mg (1)
365 Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg (1)
Does all this stuff work? Who knows for sure. I do know that the 4 Hour Body supplements have been making my fat content drop because I do measure it. But as for the other stuff – “that which does not kill me, must make me stronger”…right?

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