Are You Home?

Do you feel truly at home right now? That the place you currently stand in is HOME.
Feels like home.
Feels like you belong.
Feel it resonating through every fiber of your being that it is the right place for you.
Feel the comfort of this place, its energy.
All saying to you that there is no place else but here, that is for you.

Have a look at this post by my friend and colleague, Steve Schlafman. He so eloquently writes about his new home and how right it is for him. That there are no butterflies in his stomach, no doubt. Just a knowing. And he finally has found it after a long, winding journey.

Do you feel like Steve, that your current home is truly a place you feel is home for you?

I’ve already had clients whom I’ve helped through massive life transitions, upending their current life and moving to elsewhere.

And I’ve been through it myself just recently. Leaving a place whose toxicity was building and eroding my very self, to one so much more comfortable and with energy to build and invigorate me and not be draining.

How do you know where to go?

Sometimes there is calling. A yearning. A resonance to a place.

Many times the feeling comes from a visit. You get there and then you take in the sights, sounds, feelings, and energy. You feel it through every cell in your body that this place calls you. Affects you positively like no other. That you can be who you were meant to be.

Other times, I’ve led people through discovery of that place. We access our spirit and images and feelings emerge, which help us identify that place that is so perfect and right for us. Then the search begins.

How do you know when to go?

Sometimes places are right at one time, and then become not so right for you later. Sometimes they were not right in the beginning but you were not aware of the signs.

Usually at some point, the signs grow to a crescendo and can be ignored no longer.

Take stock of where you are now. How do you feel about it? Wander aimlessly around it with your eyes closed or heavy-lidded so that you can focus on your other senses. Does it feel right or are discontinuities around?

If there are discontinuities, are they whispers or are they shouting loudly and you were just ignoring the messages?

If moving elsewhere is starting to feel right, what does the place of your dreams look like right now? How might you get there?

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