Are You Just a Robot Clanking Through Life?

Last night I watched the finale of Mandalorian Season 3. It was, of course, awesome to a fan of Star Wars. Robots were an essential component of the cast and as I saw Grogu aka Baby Yoda powering his robot shell around, it reminded me of some the clients I’ve had.

Those who felt directionless in life. Lost. And that up to now, other events and people were powering your actions, just like a robot. A robot without will, without purpose. Just someone else pulling and moving your limbs around.

If only Baby Yoda was powering you…!

But no, not Baby Yoda.

Your parents?
Your circumstances?
Your lack of…money? Resources? Other?
The universe?
FOMO for other peoples’ happy lives, and a desire for mimicry?

Definitely not YOU.

And now at this stage in your life, you’ve come to the realization that you’ve been a robot all this time, whose controller was programmed by someones/somethings else and it sucks.

No fulfillment. No happiness. No joy. No purpose. No passion. Nada.

Just a growing sense of discontent and discomfort with mild to severe bouts of an assortment of depressing, fearful, overwhelming thoughts and more.

For those robotic clients showing up at my door, they want help and change. The change starts with more awareness into what is their particular situation about. Who or what did program their robotic controller? Once we know, then the possible resolutions come.

We develop clarity in who they are. Beliefs, values, passions, purpose. Then we develop a plan to get them there.

The robot becomes an independent, fully functioning human. A human who recognizes and understands who they are, and where they want to go in life. And one that can effectively manage those prior influences who created the robot in the first place (and maybe even want the robot back!)

How do you feel about your life right now? Do you feel like a robot with no control over who you are and what you’re doing? What awareness do you have on who programmed your robot controller?

[Image credit: Disney, The Mandalorian]

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