Powerful Questions for Anyone!

Communication is a popular coaching topic with my clients. This can range from communication in the workplace to personal to relationships.

We communicate everywhere!

And yet many of us really haven’t learned how to communicate. How many of you took classes in communicating with another person? Spent weeks in training and practice to hone your craft?

Not many I bet.

We assume that because we can form words, that everything will be all right.

“Yet…here we are” – Edna “E” Mode, Incredibles

One of key components of communication is asking great questions. Check out the infographic from globaldigitalcitizen.org (HT Jean Marie DiGiovanna on LinkedIn)

While it is geared towards leaders and avoiding miscommunication, I find many parallels with the concepts in other contexts too.

Work through the question mark shape.

How do those reflections resonate with you and your style of asking questions?

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