Egoscue Method and Fixing My Right Leg Overuse

My right leg is stronger than my left. So for 4 decades, my body has adjusted to this fact and it has left me unbalanced. Unbalanced so much so that I’ve noticed during races that I tend to (annoyingly) cramp my right leg on biking and running.
I asked my PT guy at Team Clinic to help me with this. He started me on some exercises in the Egoscue Method. In Peter Egoscue’s own words:
“Focusing on proper alignment, posture, and muscle engagement, Egoscue provides simple but powerful techniques to restore flexibility and function while at the same time boosting energy, revving up the immune system, even raising the body’s metabolic rate.”
I’ve been doing some simple exercises which are designed to awaken unused muscles and shut down others, and at the same time evening them out from one side to another. They also strengthen unused muscles in addition to stretching others.
As I do some of the exercises, I feel different sensations between both legs. It was really strange to feel stretching and pulling in different areas. It only shows the imbalance between the two legs. But after I started the exercises, I could already get some of the sensations equaled out on both sides.
I look forward to starting the training season and seeing if this has had significant effect.
Read more about it at I just bought this book, The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion : Revolutionary Program That Lets You Rediscover the Body’s Power to Rejuvenate It – Pete Egoscue from

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