Have You Been Ruthless Today?

C’mon ‘fess up. Have you been ruthless today?

Just a little maybe? Merciless. Cruel. Without compassion.

What if I told you that it was a good thing to be ruthless?

Maybe as ruthless as your favorite TV show character, like Cersei Lannister of Game of Thrones? Or more even?

I was just having this discussion with a client and topic of being ruthless came up.

That it was important to be ruthless in our lives. To show no mercy. Cruel even.

We have to be ruthless to the things in our lives which do serve us and the things that do not.

We ruthlessly keep those things dear to us, and we ruthlessly cull the things that don’t serve us.

It’s one of the outcomes of discovery work I do with clients. Discovering their passions and purpose. What’s important to them. People. Places. Things. Feelings.

And then using that list as a filter for any other shiny new thing that shows up.

We all know those shiny things. They tease us. Tempt us.

Come give me attention, they say. Give me some time and I’ll make you feel good.

I promise.


Instead of adding one more thing to their lives, one more thing to think about or occupy their time and space… WASTING TIME AND ENERGY. Leading to OVERWHELM of TOO MANY THINGS ON YOUR PLATE.


Don’t even think twice. You made the list. You spent time making sure it was the right list.

Nothing gets on that list without some good reason OR you have to kick something off the list.


Don’t even bother thinking an extra moment about it. If not on the list then remove it out of your mind and life.

What does ruthless do for you then?

You are protecting your time, space, and energy. And you won’t let anything get in the way of that. And won’t even waste time with it.

You are committing to things that serve you and holding yourself to them. A promise to the most important person in the world – yourself.

You maintain focus and attention. You save mental and emotional energy for only things that matter to you and not for all the other shiny things which do not.

All you have to do is be RUTHLESS. Every day of your life.

How does this feel to you? What if you were to assert your inner Cersei Lannister and remove everything in your life that didn’t serve you right now? Set your intention, grab your sword, and give it go!

(Image: Cersei Lannister, Game of Thrones, HBO)

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