Have You Experienced the Power of Your Voice in Healing?

Have you truly experienced what your voice can do for you?

What vocalizing with words effects inside you.
Intent. Release. Transform. and More.

For example, when I invite clients to try negative to positive journaling, it is one level to stay with the written word.

They brain dump. Then, picking out the negative self talk, they challenge themselves to rewrite with positive versions.

When they finish rewording to positive versions, they can stop by reading them in their minds.

However, I then invite them to vocalize the positive statements. Say them out loud.

Then I have them try it even louder. With more volume. Energy.

I ask them if they can feel the difference.

Trust me, it’s there.

The louder you vocalize positive statements, the more effect they have on you. Change is faster. More powerful.

Try it now.

Take some aspect of yourself that you think negatively of. A limiting negative belief.

I cannot heal.
I am not worthy.
I am not loved.
I cannot achieve (this).
I am a terrible person.
And so on.

Then change it to a positive version.

I will heal.
I am worthy.
I am loved.
I will achieve (this).
I am awesome person.
And so on.

Now whisper it. See how you feel.

Next say it louder. And louder. And even louder. Until you are screaming the positive version at the top of your lungs.

How do you feel now?

Give this a try now and every morning. I guarantee you will feel change. Not only in your psyche but also in your entire body. Think of the power of “I WILL HEAL.” Feel it now with the power of your voice.

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