Do You Suck as a Manager?

Are you a terrible manager? Yes, it could be true. 

Maybe you know it already. Maybe you won’t admit it. Maybe you’re ignoring all the anxiety and fears daily about your performance. Maybe you’re wondering when you’ll be found out as a fraud.

Following on my previous post about having a manager that sucks, are you one of those managers whose direct reports suffer under you?

Some people enter management with the right qualities like trust, caring for others, attention to detail, enjoy the growth of those under you, natural leadership skills.

For others, these qualities don’t naturally appear. 

Sometimes people are forced to take a management role in order to advance in their careers, effectively being promoted to someplace in which they are not skilled or ill prepared.

Regardless, searching the internet reveals that if you want your employees to stick around, you’d better raise your game as a manager.

How can you tell if you’re a good manager or not? 

Check out this post from BetterUp on how to be a good manager.

When you consider the good and bad traits, which do you exhibit, either good or bad? Which would you like to improve?

And…which ones are you blind to…? 

Perhaps these are the ones that you can look for in anonymous employee ratings of you or 360 degree reviews?

Or can be found when you examine your fears and worries about managing….

So what feelings DO you have about managing?

What do you fear?

Loss of respect?

Loss of love?

Lack of confidence?

Wondering why people don’t listen to you?

Do you think everyone hates you?

Are you stressed every day about how you show up?

Feeling overwhelmed?

Or something else?

If you’re a manager who is struggling, take a moment now and reflect on what’s going on for you inside as you consider your management job. How do you feel about it? List all the feelings, both good and bad. Then next to those, list what you think causes those feelings. 

What does your reflection reveal now about where you’re good and not so good as a manager?

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