How Well Do You Listen?


Oh it’s easy just to sit there and hear words that come out of the person sitting in front of you.

BUT are you LISTENING to what they are saying?

What they truly mean.
What lies beneath the words.
The real WHAT and WHY.
What they want.
What they are feeling.
Really need.

Or do you:

Set it aside. Ignore it.
Filter it.
Color it with your own interpretations.
Make assumptions.

And as a result, you disrespect the other person.
Make them feel unheard.
Uncared for.

Not really a positive result, is it?

Not great for building relationship with a spouse, family member, partner, friend,co-worker, direct report, team member.
Even a total stranger.

What if you became a BETTER LISTENER?


Many clients come to session asking how to be better listeners. In coach training, we learn how to become better listeners, and it’s called ACTIVE LISTENING.

With Active Listening, you can:

Build relationship.
Build rapport.
Build trust.
Gain deeper understanding.
Get to the root of problems.

Gain the benefits with whomever it is you are listening to, whether it’s a partner, a friend, or someone who reports to you.

Have a look at the posted infographic. It’s all you need to be an ACTIVE LISTENER! Give these a try and see what happens to all the relationships in your life!

And after you give it a try, you still feel you have problems, post what happened in the comments and let’s take a look!


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