“I Feel Burned Out”

Does this resonate with your state of being right now?

This article just came across my feeds: Worker burnout hits high worse than COVID-19 peak: survey

That workers are feeling more burned out than pre-pandemic, 42% now versus 38% a year ago.

Is that surprising to anyone reading this?

With recent economic woes and layoffs everywhere, many of my clients are experiencing anxiety and fear over:

Job security.
Taking up the slack of extra work.
Providing for their family.
The high price of everything.

And pandemic effects linger:

Fear of infection remains.
Isolation from working at home.
Health issues emerge from less activity.

And so on.

Still, many come to coaching seeking a way out of burn out.

The answers are usually pretty simple.

Taking a break. Sometimes a long one.
Mindset changes.
Lifestyle changes.
Making time for self and self-care.
Setting important boundaries at work and in life.

And others.

But instituting them can be pretty damn hard.

Still, through coaching we generate awareness of what could help, realize the importance, and then move towards making it happen.

If you’re burned out, what do you need to get yourself back on track? And if you know, what’s preventing you from getting there?

Comment below and let’s see if we can help you out of burnout.

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