I Was Fine Until…

How many of you are in some undesirable state right now? 
Pre-diabetic? Overweight? Stressed? Anxious? Fatigue beyond fatigue? Lost? Stuck?

It could be your physical health. It could be your mental health. Or both.

It doesn’t matter which or both. Just sucks to be here right now the way you are.

Many like you come to coaching asking for help, and…it always comes to finishing this sentence:

I WAS FINE UNTIL….<fill in the blank>

Let’s try this now.

Think back. Was there a time when you were OK? That you didn’t have those aches or pains? Or some recently diagnosed health condition? Or when you felt joyful, happy, or optimistic? Less stressed? Fulfilled?

And then…IT CHANGED.

When did it change?

And what was happening at the time it changed?
In the world. 
In your job. 
Your relationships. 
Your environment. 

Close your eyes and put yourself back then. See everything going on. What you were doing. What was happening to you. Who was there. What you were feeling. What others you cared about were feeling. Write it down if it helps.

What happened that made everything turn from going up to going down?
What changed? What were the causes?

If it makes sense, follow yourself from that time to the present. Walk the path in time. And all the things that happened since then. Up to the present day. Follow your path from before to how you are today in your current, undesirable, problematic state.

Now you know how you got here. And what set you on this path.

What will you do with that awareness?
You have the cause. What clarity do you have now on what needs to be worked on? 
What needs to change to bring you out of today’s state to one that serves you better?

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