Be Like Snoopy Today!

How many of you can’t stop thinking about the future?

Worry about your job? The state of the country? The economy? The health of the Earth? YOUR health?

Is it driving you to fear? Indecision? Overwhelm? Freeze? Overthinking? More worry? Stress? (Add your own here)

I have the solution for you, brought to you by Snoopy and Woodstock.

It works every time.

If you are experiencing this right now, then try this.

Get comfortable. Consider that future you’ve been thinking about. Take stock of where you are now. How you feel. If you like, rate it from 0 (great) to 10 (intensely horrible!).

Then close your eyes and get QUIET.

BREATHE. Take a few deep, nourishing breaths. Feel the air move inside you, going in and out.

Now become aware of your body. What is tight. What is not. Send your awareness around your whole body and take note. Accept what you find.

Then send your awareness around you. With your eyes closed, take note of all that is around you. The chair. Feet on the ground. The furniture. Or trees and grass if outside. The windows and doors. The walls. Just send your awareness around where you are.

Keep breathing! Deeply.

Note also the air flowing around your skin. Any sensations like heat or cold. Any smells. The sounds of the breeze, a barking dog, a car driving by. Voices. Perhaps even light behind closed eyelids or otherwise.

Keep breathing!

Now take stock of how you feel. Rate it again from 0 to 10.

Do you feel different? Better? Calmer?

I bet you do.

You just did what Snoopy asked!

You brought your attention from the future (or wherever it was!) to the PRESENT.

What is now. What is here. In front of you. Around you. RIGHT NOW.

Which one feels better? Which state do you prefer?

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