If There is No Struggle, There is No Progress

Wise words from long ago…

I see many clients today who hate the struggle.

They want everything, but don’t want to work for it. Or shy away from when it gets tough going.

Why can’t everything they desire just show up?

But yet it is so true that everything in life comes with some struggle.

Through struggle we grow. We learn. We learn how to engage our resources to push past obstacles and figure out how to get what we want and actually get it.

Still, many don’t realize this.

What happened along the way? Did our parents raise us in a way to avoid pain because their own painful path in life? Did we somehow reinforce in ourselves that we would rather avoid struggle at all costs? Did something happen to us to make us run from exerting effort?

There could be many causes of this and all great coaching topics to be worked on. Unwinding our fear of struggle opens up more avenues of growth, a new outlook on life.

One of the simpler mantras to live by is to chase struggle. When you are not in your comfort zone, you know you are growing! So in order to grow, to be better than yesterday, what better way to know you are growing than when you are actually struggling?!?!

What does your life look like now in terms discomfort and struggle? Are you living a life of comfort and zero effort? Or do you always look for struggle and therefore ways to grow? And how does it feel to even entertain being in a state of discomfort more often than not?

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