IM CDA: Still Watching the Weather

Last night it was rainy pretty hard for a while. That really sucks because we’ll have to hand in our bikes tonite and they’ll be left outside, potentially to be rained on overnight before the race tomorrow morning. Today there is some sunshine but still a lot of clouds. Yahoo! Weather for Coeur d’Alene says:

There will be PM showers now with today being pretty nice. Looking on Coeur d’Alene on’s hour by hour forecast:

It starts giving us a 10% chance of rain towards noon, and then gets cloudy around 1pm with 30% chance of rain. It really gets dicey at night when the chance of rain jumps to 40-50%. So hopefully this forecast rings true and that we have a relatively rain free morning for the swim and bike, and then if it rains on us during the run it will be miserable, but not as miserable as if it rains on us during the bike.

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