IM FL 2008: Recovery Update

It’s been 1.5 weeks after IM FL. Sometime yesterday, my aerobic system recovered fully and I didn’t have that funny, “cool” sensation in my lungs any more. Muscularly, I am a bit sore on the top of my quads down by the knees; this was bugging me prior to Ironman and now it’s acting up. I have not done any high watts training for the bike but I did do some leg extensions and it was a little painful to do those. No more leg extensions until this is healed! Luckily I do not have a need for high watts bike training; I’m in the off season now and will do other types of training to let my body recover from the abuse of Ironman training. Also, it seems that running doesn’t bother my quad/knee area so I will ramp up on form training and also neuro-muscular run training.
So heading into:
1. weight lifting
2. a bit of Bikram yoga if I can get time to go
3. run form training and neuro-muscular training
4. bike neuro-muscular training and training strength/form with Powercranks
5. swim strength training with one arm swimming and paddle swimming
6. core exercises, like planking and stomach/back muscle building
7. balance exercises, simulating running stance and motions
Looks like I’m about at 1.5 weeks to recover from Ironman now. Feel pretty good about that after 5 Ironmans! Adaptation is coming along nicely.

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