IM FL 2008: Sorry Accelerade, Switching to First Endurance EFS

Well these last weeks have been a bit tortuous. Not because of pain in my muscles due to training though. It’s been through my sports drink.
On my long runs, I’ve always used Accelerade lemon-lime. But this year, I’ve been having major stomach problems. Two things, one definite, and one hypothetical. First, Accelerade tends to froth up when shaken. So when I’m running, my body movement causes Accelerade in my Fuel Belt to develop bubbles. I suck down the drink, plus the bubbles; then I get gas in my stomach. Very bad. Second, Accelerade has soy protein in it. I think this is the second problem where my digestion has come to reject soy protein during physical activity. This has caused some diarrhea problems post-runs.
I switched to First Endurance EFS. It doesn’t use soy protein. Also, when its taste is very light compared to Accelerade. I seem to like less taste these days than more; then I don’t get a gummy feeling in my mouth which makes me more thirsty. Most importantly, when you shake it up, it doesn’t froth. It remains an unbubbly fluid.
Yesterday I went for a great 2:49 run over almost 18 miles. I accelerated each of 3 six mile loops and had zero stomach problems. Voila! Found my new sports drink!
Sorry Accelerade. I loved and used you for many years, but my digestion doesn’t tolerate you any more.

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