IM WA: Bike Course, Bike Drop Off, Need to Change My Last Name

Today I took a quick ride out onto the bike course. It is incredibly flat. According to my buddy Keish, the max elevation change is 50 ft! Foothill Expressway is a tougher ride than this course, and it ain’t tough at all! Also, apparently out here at sunrise and sunset, kangaroos come out and hang out by the roadside foraging for food.

After getting back to the room, we got all our T1 and T2 equipment together into our bags and set out to check in our bikes and that equipment.

Parking our bikes in transition was nice. They had a labeled spot for me that had my name on it! This race has almost 1000 people in it; it’s probably the smallest race I’ve been to (most of the other Ironmans are well over 2000 these days). It’s funny to see only this many bikes in transition. Very unusual for me.

Yet more waiting in line to check in our T1 and T2 bags. I think I must change my last name because every time I reach a line, it’s the slowest moving line that has the most people in it! What a drag!

Here is Greg our rep from Endurance Sports Travel. He’s a pro-triathlete from Brooklyn who just made Team USA, and hopefully will be an Olympic contender someday. He’s also our mechanic and chauffeur for our race.

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