IM WA: Freakin’ Flies

Here is the SCROUGE of western Australia:

These flies are EVERYWHERE. They’re not like house flies that you find over here in the U.S. House flies just fly around and eat rotting stuff. These flies LOVE to come over and land on you. They basically need protein to lay eggs, so they would rather lick your sweat, your tears, saliva, nose mucus, or even your blood. They are so freakin’ annoying because you can’t make them go away. They are everywhere. They don’t bite you – they land on you and tickle you and….LICK you to get all your nice bodily secretions so that they can lay eggs and make more of their annoying selves.
When we’re walking around here trying to do our Ironman thing, these little flies never stop pestering you!
Find out more about these annoying flies here: Australian Bush Fly.

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