Infrared Lights Finally Having an Effect

About 3 years ago, I finally decided to buy an infrared light to see if I could get some results from it.

I had read about all these amazing results from IR LED lights and panels, ranging from better recovery to mitochondria stimulation to providing treatment for a variety of conditions. They can be pretty expensive and so I waited a while before trying one. I finally bought a combo light from Red Light Man, which has 620, 670, 760, and 830 nm LEDs in it. Different frequencies have been found to have different effects, and different levels of penetration. I didn’t want to limit the effects of one I bought, so I got one with a wide range of IR frequencies. I used it for a few weeks, mostly to see if I could get some results from it. After a few weeks of exposing myself for about 2-3 minutes a day, I didn’t get any change there. Then I shelved it, thinking it was yet another expensive biohacking purchase from which I didn’t get any noticeable results.

Fast forward to today. A few weeks back my functional medicine doctor introduced me to IR light again. For detoxing my thyroid, she prescribed me a small IR light of frequencies 660 and 850 nm and also added a small twist. A “toxin” vial was also provided, determined from a specially developed scan from a ZYTO device. I was to shine the IR light through the toxin vial at my thyroid for a predetermined time and schedule.

I didn’t expect much but got a lot more than I bargained for. After only 3 days of the light protocol, I began to feel incredibly nauseous. I thought it might have been something I ate, or maybe I was coming down with something stomach related. But then I thought that it might be a detox reaction, and saw that nausea was one potential symptom of intense detox!

After discussing with my doctor, I backed off on the duration of each treatment, and also took days off. That worked! Then I built back up to the originally specified duration and now I’m ok.

In many ways, I am glad to have gotten that powerful a reaction. It is always good to have concrete evidence that something you are doing has a perceivable result. Many of these devices, purchased through reading biohacking posts mostly, have done nothing for me. That doesn’t mean they don’t have any effect; it’s just that I didn’t get anything out of them. But now this IR device, used in a particular way, and of specific frequencies, is showing me something is happening and likely good.

As for my thyroid, which will be the subject of a future post on my years long journey to figure out what is wrong with it, it seems that this particular guess of toxins present in the thyroid, screwing up its normal function, may be the right diagnosis finally.

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