Kinesio Taping Notes

I just watched the instructional DVD, Clinical Kinesio Taping and finally got some of the finer points of Kinesio taping technique. Here they are:
1. Taping from origin to insertion is supportive and enhances muscle activity. So you tape this way when there isn’t necessarily injury, but you want to help achieve peak performance with maximum support.
2. Taping from insertion to origin is curative and helps in recovery, and reducing muscle tightness and spasms.
3. Putting the muscle in flexion, or stretching it, and then laying the tape down helps enhance the tape’s “lifting” effect on the fascia. When muscles under the fascia are tight, they swell and push against the fascia, reducing fluid and blood flow which is essential for recovery, removing activity by-products, and getting fresh oxygen and nutrients to the affected area.
Amazing stuff this tape!

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