Lance Armstrong and Chris Carmichael on Twitter!

How cool is this: both Lance Armstrong (lancearmstrong) and Chris Carmichael (trainright) are on Twitter and tweeting their training. It’s pretty amusing to follow Lance and check out what he is doing right now. Apparently he’s in Kona hanging out, but also training furiously with Chris. Heard on trainright:
good day of training for lance.. 45min climb after 4hrs in his legs, solid pace, 359avg watts for 46:44, not bad for nearly 40yrs 🙂
Geez 359 watts average for 46:44!!! I can barely get to 160 watts for that amount of time. Think I’ll just keep that tweet to myself (haha)….
Very cool to see both Lance and his coach, Chris, using the latest internet tools to keep in contact with their fans.

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