Let’s Talk About Love


But not romantic love.


It’s a concept that is simple but yet for many, self love does not come easy.

I’ve had many clients come to me about some initial problem, and after some inquiry it boils down to a deep inability to love themselves just the way they are now.

It’s often an unexpected place to end up. However, when their eyes become watery, or that sniffle emerges, or their energy changes in other subtle ways, we know we have hit on something basic and important.

Then after some coaching around this aspect, we find renewed energy; a more positive outlook on all aspects of life. All dark veils drop away when we feel about ourselves in a new loving way.

It’s as if someone just turned on the light in the darkness of your life, and all things seem brighter.

Wonderful things come from accepting ourselves just as we are.

Releasing all the negativity we may have received from others in our past.

Seeing ourselves as we are and being able to truly love who are, right now in this very moment.

But how do you know if you have issues loving yourself?

For some it is clear. There will be many of you who will resonate with this post immediately.

For others it may not be so clear.

If you’re wondering if you aren’t loving yourself as much as you could be, try this.

Check out the list of statements below. Say each one out loud to yourself and notice how you react:

I am worthless.
I am weak.
I am ugly.
I am bad.
I am stupid.
I do not deserve love.
I do not deserve success.
I do not deserve happiness.
I am not enough.
I am not important.

How was that for you? Did something emerge inside you when you stated one or more of those statements? Some feeling in your chest or gut maybe?

Now take each statement that you had a reaction to, and flip it around to the positive. What happens for you now?

Rising energy? Release? Something else?

If the above happens, you’ve just experienced one of the many resolutions for this issue…! Positive affirmations can be a powerful resolution if deployed regularly and consistently.

Give it a try and see what happens. Post in the comments if something resonates!

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