Do You Have a Cheerleader In Your Life?

Someone who roots for you? 

Cheers you up when you are down?

Pushes you when you need it?

The cheerleader is the person who takes you from a negative state to a positive one. Just like in a football game. They rev up the players and crowd to higher energy states to play their best and win.

It’s also in the broader area of support. 

Do you feel supported in life by any people?

Certainly not all supportive people are cheerleaders or are good at cheerleading. 

But do you have any supportive people in your life that are also cheerleaders for you?

Often us coaches are cheerleaders for our clients. 

Many come to session in negative states. We work through what will help resolve their situation, and that often alone shifts their negativity to a more positive bearing. But it sure doesn’t hurt if we do other things to lift their energy to a more positive one to help them get moving.

Hence, a bit of cheerleading!

What does cheerleading look like?

Encouragement. Validation. A bit of PUSH. A lot of PUSH. Humor. Love. Looking at the Brighter Side of Things. Revealing the Positive Aspects in the Face of Overwhelming Negative. Hope. Possibilities. 

And more.

Just think if you had this kind of support.

Someone who tells you everything will be all right. Helps pick you back up on your feet. Cheers you up when you are down. Tells you that you are still the most awesome person in the world. That you can do it, even when you think you can’t.

Would you do better in this world with or without cheerleaders?

So look around you. Do you have any cheerleaders in life for you?

Or maybe it’s time you helped someone else out by cheerleading for them?

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