Powercranks Wow!

I did a first workout to try out. What a strange sensation!
I attempted to get a rhythm down to warm up but failed miserably. So I pedaled until about 5 minutes at which time I finally figured out an interval which I could work out at.
I moved up from 50 watts to about 90 watts and then started pedalling 30 seconds on, 10 seconds rest with legs just hanging. At about 30 seconds, my legs would get out of sync so I pegged that as my upper time limit for now. I also was at about 60-70 RPM during the interval. Anything above that and my left leg would get out of sync first, and I would have to stop and start over.
I could already see differences between my right and left leg. It seemed like my right leg was more sore than my left, but both definitely were worked.
I am eager to keep up with this. I am also eager to see it’s claimed effects on running as well. But mostly, I’d love to see my two legs even out more effort-wise and my cycling improve.
More on this as the weeks roll by. Read about them on the Powercranks website.

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