Training has BEGUN!

The season has begun and I am getting my bod out of cobwebs and back into shape. The first few workouts are a bit of a fine tuning – some of them I should be doing better at, but as the training season moves on, I should be getting better.
Given that I actually had an off season this year, I hope that the lowered activity has given my bod time to heal and recover, and bounce back stronger this year.
Focus this year:
1. Even out my left and right legs in training.
2. Get better at cycling.
3. Repair my right arm, so that my swimming can come back.
4. Get FASTER overall.
Key races will be Honu Half Ironman on June 3, and Ironman Austria on July 16. I might sign up for more, but right now I don’t want to overload myself.
I am psyched, however. Overall, I feel really good and am eager to start training smart and strong.

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