Recording Coaching Sessions for Continued Learning

Upon suggestion of a mentor coach, I restarted an old idea which was to record all my client sessions, generate transcripts and then go back and see where I can improve. Using some goals of my Laser Focused Coaching course, the improvement points to look for will be:

  1. Examine client dialogue and note missed emotions, sentiments, etc.
  2. Look at my response. How can my inquiry be improved, specifically in the area of really focusing on what the underlying problem is?
  3. Where did I get distracted by the client response and led away from addressing the underlying problem?
  4. If I was distracted, how could I have removed a bunch of questions and replaced with a single question, thereby reducing time to addressing underlying problem?
  5. What was I thinking at a given point, that I really wanted to say/ask, but didn’t?

Now I’m going back to my clients and asking them if they are ok with recording sessions for my own learning purposes, as well as the possibility of being shared with a course’s instructors or for certification.

Currently I use to do my transcriptions. They recently increased the price of their high end transcription from $1.00/min to $1.25/min which is disappointing. I started using their machine transcription which is only $.25/min. It comes out good enough for this particular purpose. There are a number of other transcription services that also work well.

For recording I typically use Zoom’s recording function. My backup is an MP3 recorder but I rarely need that now. If a client can’t figure out Zoom, I usually can get them to dial into a Zoom call via their access numbers.

A machine generated recording typically needs some light editing to get it to better formatting and readability. Now comes the task of going through it and making some comments.

I’ve also engaged a mentor coach to help go through some of these recordings with me. It’s always good to have an expert eye alongside my own evaluation!

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