Testimonial Category: Life/Health Coaching

  • Your energy healing offers a way to harmonize the mind and the emotions.

    The calming effect of your Reiki healing helped me realize my emotional reaction was fear-based and self-generated by being overwhelmed by my circumstances. It seems to me that with Reiki, intellectual understanding comes last, reversing the process of beginning with analysis of emotions. My mind wants to be the one in control of and dictate […]

  • He’s a notch above many other coaches in the field

    I highly recommend Dave as a personal coach. He is dedicated to his craft, an inspiring role model and willing to share vast access to resources. He’s a notch above many other coaches in the field – a strong academic education as well as personal achievements such as 6 Ironmans, multiple Alcatraz swims, Russian Kettlebell […]

  • Your questions were hugely transformative to my thought process.

    I wanted to thank you for an incredibly meaningful coaching session yesterday. As I mentioned, I was feeling really disheartened and approached our call with some trepidation due to my own low state. However, I am so glad I stayed the course and was very honest with you about my feelings and the sticking point […]