The 5 Levels of Healing

Following on some remarks I made in my somatic coaching post regarding the expansion of my repertoire of potential solutions for my clients, I had been thinking about expanding the notion of healing and then happened on this chart from Dietrich Klinghardt’s site, on the 5 Levels of Healing:

It summed up perfectly the path I was on now. For years, I had been working at the 1st level with the Physical Body only. But as time went on, I found that people weren’t always improving, and began wondering why that was, and what else could be done about it.

Finally I think I have entered into the areas described by the 2nd through the 5th levels. As I study new techniques, I am finding some really good results with things like Thought Field Therapy (TFT, Level 3), traditional life coaching (Level 3), microcurrent therapies like Frequency Specific Microcurrent (Level 2), sound healing (Level 4), and chanting (Level 5). My recent somatic coaching course has really fueled the expansion of possibilities!

This chart is the perfect framework for looking at where else can we look for solutions for our clients when what we are trying now isn’t working. Time to break open my new pile of books, and all the new online courses I’ve signed up for!

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