Genco Method Energetic and Somatic Coaching with Tijen Genco

Hey all, I’m on a video podcast at Genco Coaching!

For coaches: MC Tijen’s training in energetic and somatic coaching really leveled up my coaching skills far beyond that of traditional talk, mind-based coaching. The course took us into Iyengar yoga for ailments, a broad tour through many of the major energetic systems: Traditional Chinese Medicine’s meridians, chakras, energetic healing, sound healing, Reiki, the Kabbalah and the Sefirot, Sufism, shamanism, and engaging energetic help with spirit allies – all with an eye towards their use in coaching sessions.

It has changed a bit since I took the course (I took it once, and TA-ed it once too!) and now the first course is focused on Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Meridians and their application in coaching sessions. It starts on June 2 so sign up soon here!

For clients: This approach is unique and can help you achieve progress beyond that of other coaching methods. It will dive into your body and spiritual side of your being and help you uncover things otherwise not able to surface or resolve. If you are finding that you are not making progress with other modalities, come for a session and let’s see where it can take you and your condition.

Have a watch and let me know what you think! If you are interested in experiencing energetic and somatic coaching, be sure to drop me a line and let’s talk!

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