The World is What You Think It Is

Who doesn’t love Hawaii? There is something about those tropical islands, some mystical, magical pull that is wondrous and draws us back again and again for rest and recovery.

Recently I became aware of Huna and the 7 Principles of Hawaiian Shamanism.

The first principle is Ike, which is:

The World is What You Think It is.

How simple yet powerful this concept is!

Those who practice Huna say that we have a co-creative relationship with reality around us, and that our world is shaped by our beliefs and thinking.

Therefore, your beliefs drive what is possible in your life!

The world literally is a result of what you think and believe RIGHT NOW.

What are you thinking right now about your life? What are your beliefs? Do you even know?

In my coaching sessions, I have taken my clients through belief assessments. It is a simple questionnaire to uncover many of one’s negative and limiting beliefs. Then we work to change those beliefs that do not serve them.

Another easy way to simply look at your current life. What is happening right now? Take a look at every little part of it. What you do, where you go, who you hang out with, where you live and work. Record it. Write it down. Draw it. Step back and take a look. How do you feel about it? All of it is a reflection of what you think and believe right now!

If you want your life to be different, Ike says you better change your beliefs and how you think RIGHT NOW.

THEN comes consistency. It’s great to do this for one day. But the next day you falter. You look at the world through negative eyes, with energy that is held back.

As Jonathan Hammond, notable Huna teacher, says:

Mixed thinking gets mixed results.

So clarity and focus on where you want take your life and what you believe will get you there is critical and being consistent every day!

But first, we change our beliefs about what is possible, even if the complete solution is not evident. Then given time, the path will emerge and become clear.

Want change in your life now? Make a massive list of what your life looks like. Anything you want to change? Write down the changes you want. Then write down what prevents you from changing. THOSE ARE YOUR LIMITING BELIEFS.

How true are those preventions? Are you truly shackled by what you think is stopping you?

If this life list doesn’t resonate, try a beliefs questionnaire like the ones from

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