There Are No Limits

Do you feel that the world has limited you, and that there are many things holding you back, or at least in place?

The second principle of Huna of Hawaiian Shamanism is Kala, which stands for:

There are no limits.

When you read that statement, how do you feel? What comes up for you?

Have you ever taken a look at what limits you in your life? Write down all the aspects of your life. Then write down all the constraints you feel. Here’s an example:

Aspect: I live in this home.
Constraints: I must live in this home because I don’t make enough money to go elsewhere. My children must finish school because disrupting that would be problematic. My job holds me here. I don’t know where else to move. I don’t have enough energy or money or desire to move.

Now take a look at the constraints. How true are they? Are they actual physical constraints holding you in place or are they under your control and choice?

Many in the example are very thought based. Now list some feelings based ones.

Constraints: I fear going to another job. I fear not finding one. I fear my children will create an uproar if I move them to another school. I am afraid of starting anew in a new city and community. I fear uncertainty that moving from this home brings. I fear the effort it will take and all the costs.

How’s this landing on you now, when we look at constraints from an emotional point of view? Lots of negative emotions here!

Still, feelings are only in your mind and heart. Are they made of brick, surrounding your physical body so that you cannot move from your current place?

Well, no.

Therefore, the only true limits we have are those we choose to experience or accept as truth.

Every week I work with clients whose limits are those of their own creation. Others may call them LIMITING BELIEFS. It’s why coaching often comes down examining their beliefs from an intellectual AND emotional point of view.

Once they realize their beliefs can be changed, they realize there really aren’t any limits to what they can accomplish. They only need to want something and they can make it happen.

But if you believe you can’t do something, then…well…that’s it then, right?

On the other hand, if we choose to believe we have no limits, then what can we accomplish for the world and ourselves?

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