Watch for Tension During the Conversation

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Heard today in my Laser Focused Coaching class

Watch for tension during the conversation

Often when we have a coaching conversation, we may start to feel tension within ourselves. In the beginning, we may feel this and then retreat in fear, and it affects our ability to be present during the conversation. As our awareness builds, we start to recognize when it shows up and even what may be causing it. We may need coaching to fully understand and see if we can resolve it; it may remain unresolved.

It may be a trigger to something within ourselves. It might be a sign of the conversation going astray. It may be our own anti-coaching behavior coming up generating tension in both you and the client.

If it is somewhat resolved, then we may reach a point of self awareness of when tension emerges. We can then take a mental pause or step back, and then reset and re-engage with new and improved energy and presence.

Today was the last day of class and I am sad that it is done. The instructor corps was fantastic. All of them were 20+ veterans of coaching, and they have been teaching at least 10+ years, at least one with 20 years teaching experience. So the feedback and teaching has been phenomenal.

I am also relieved that the class is over. The virus crisis hit in the middle of the course and it’s been stressful keeping up with 5.5-6 hours a week of class in the midst. of the disruption of the coronavirus.

Still I learned a TON and there is still a lot to unpack from the teachings. I look forward to reviewing and integrating in the upcoming weeks. Onwards to ICF ACC credentialing, and (maybe) the NBHWC test in October!

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