Who Do I Talk to About My Miserable Job?

Are you hating your job? Feeling trapped in your work? Nowhere to turn?

How true is that?

Many clients show up with job complaints. They are unhappy with some or all aspects of their work. 

After coaching, we usually end up at looking at possible resolutions. One of the ones that is overlooked is simply to talk to your boss.

Managers will be your advocate in the workplace, and guides for your growth and fulfillment. Good managers will work with you on finding solutions to your misery! 

Sometimes exposing the possibility to talk to their manager about it is enough. Face palm results for the forgotten obvious!

Or coaching then leads to how to approach their manager. Are there any fears to be resolved? How do they frame their problem and to present their ask? We go through the communication, sometimes even engaging in role play to help increase comfort.

If you hate your job right now, have you approached your manager yet about it? And if so, how did it go?

For more discussion on resolving your discomfort in your job with your manager, see this excellent article from Fast Company.

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