What are the Stories You Tell Yourself?

You know – the ones about yourself that you hold onto. 

Sometimes they are long and involved. Most of the time they are one liners.

I will never be a good person.
I will never make money.
I am not worthy of a loving partner.
I will never heal and get better.
I am not smart.
I will never finish this project so why bother starting.

And so on.

These are the stories we tell ourselves. We believe them. They become a part of us. And the stories become true; we live our lives according to the stories we tell about ourselves.

Where do they come from?

They come from anywhere. While we can say that we self generated them, the origin is most likely from external forces.

Your parents.
A subtle comment about how smart you are, that leads you to never tackling hard things again.
Or a comment about how fat you are. That you’ll never get a job.
Sound familiar?

Or maybe it’s a partner.
Comments about what to wear. How lazy you are. That you can’t do this or that.

Or maybe it’s a friend.
Making you feel less than they. Or sucking onto your positive comments on them, to fill their own needs and never fulfilling yours. How you will never be a part of the group.

Or someone at work. 
That something is too hard for you. That you can’t perform. That no matter what you do, you’re never recognized or promoted.

And so much more.

These are the stories that we write for ourselves because of what we experience through life. And while the initial impetus came from outside us, we still took that information and wrote the stories that we our lives with.

Thus while we can blame external factors, we also play a part in what stories we tell ourselves and drive our lives.

And so, take a moment to write down a few of these stories. 
It won’t take long. Nor much introspection I bet. You know these stories well because you live them every day.
Write them down.
Then take a look.

How do these stories make you feel? Which ones would you like to keep and which ones would you like to change? 

Which ones would you like to rewrite?
Yep it’s that simple.
Go ahead now and rewrite the stories you want to change right now.

Now take a look. Read those new stories out loud one by one.
How do you feel?
What comes up for you?

Congratulations. You just took a big, important first step to rewriting your life. 

The next step is simply this. Tell yourself these new stories every day, and each day, walk through life making small and big changes to live your life to each new story.

Give it a try now. How does it feel a step into the power of writing your own life’s story?

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