How Your Life is Defined by External Forces or Magnetic North

Do you feel like you are just swept along in life to whatever comes up around you? This what we call being drawn towards MAGNETIC NORTH, the seduction of forces outside you. Listen to this video for more on MAGNETIC NORTH!

Being drawn towards MAGNETIC NORTH results in you feeling lost, stuck, dissatisfied with life, lacking in energy to tackle the day. It’s NOT where you truly want to go in life, or who you want to be!

If you want to work on NOT being drawn towards MAGNETIC NORTH and forces outside you, come join us in our upcoming 8 week program, The Quest for True North, starting on Sept 18, 2023! Coach Michelle (Shelly) Naughton and I will take you on a journey to explore what Magnetic North looks like and what it’s doing to your life, and uncover what your True North is and point you on the path to what is true to your authentic self, and your real purpose and passions in life.

Find out more here: The Quest for True North.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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