“All of Me is Welcome”

“All of me is welcome”

Close your eyes, and whisper it to yourself.

What comes up for you? What does it evoke inside you and in your feelings?

I encountered this phrase in my Shamanic Reiki training. It is an invocation that we use in some of our meditations.

It’s probably one of the most powerful invocations I’ve seen.

In one phrase, it captures:

…that you are whole.
…there is no part of you that is not perfect.
…there is no part of you that is not acceptable.
…that you are wonderful and welcome just the way you are – right now.

Think of all the times people have told you that you weren’t enough, that you weren’t good enough, that you couldn’t or shouldn’t be a certain way.

How did it feel?

How did it create the YOU we see here today?

You know what. It’s all untruths. It’s other peoples’ opinions and comments. And it becomes real because it got into our psyche.

The truth is ALL of YOU is WELCOME in this world.

But letting go of the BS that has been programmed into you by others can be hard. There could be a host of feelings that will come up as you try to reprogram yourself.

It can be done. I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

This powerful phrase is one of the best ways to start. Say it to yourself every morning. Vocalize it.

Now magnify by shouting it. SCREAM.

Exponential-ize it by putting your body into it. Move your arms, pump your fists, jump up and down, while shouting it to the world.

Give that a try right now and see what happens. Don’t be shy!

What is showing up for you now inside? If you dared to scream and jump around right at this moment, put your results in the comments!

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