Keepin’ It Simple in Nutrition Coaching

When I nutrition coach, I like to keep things simple.

So many people complicate things from the beginning.

They start taking huge swaths of food and removing them.

They take on the huge effort of measuring food and tracking.

They start following all the popular diets and cycle through them wondering if and when it will work.

However I like to start a lot simpler.

I put today’s food on a continuum.

On one end is real food.

It looks like you picked it from the tree or pulled it from the ground. It is a piece of an animal that you just got it from.

You find these on the edges of a supermarket.

It is fresh and you could eat it raw but usually you might cook it before eating.

Then, on the other end of the spectrum is…stuff that may taste like things on the previous end of the spectrum but sure don’t look like them.

They are packaged in a wrapper, in a can, a jar, in a bag.

They are found in the middle of the supermarket and can last for weeks if not months and still be edible.

When you look on their labels, you often find things you can’t pronounce.

These are the ultra-processed foods like those mentioned in the post below.

What I have found is that when people move towards the real food end of the spectrum and stop eating processed foods, things automatically become better.

Weight starts coming off.

Health starts returning.

Mental health, mood, and energy all are improved.

Pretty simple right? Much more simple than following complicated diets.

And if you want to try a diet, it will work better with real food than without. I have seen people adopt the easiest of diets but yet see no results unless they change what they put in their mouth.

And by the way, you get to avoid some serious diseases like cognitive decline. Wouldn’t that be worth taking a look at real food?

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