All Power Comes From Within

How do you feel about power in your life? Do you feel you have power? Power over yourself? Power over others? Desire power? Abhor power?

The sixth principle of Hawaiian Shamanism is Mana, stated as:

All power comes from within.

It tells us that we have all we need inside ourselves to power us to whatever we desire.

Mana has another meaning, which is AUTHORITY. And that nothing in this world has power over you, unless you give them permission.

Our world is full of instances of us giving our power away.

We don’t take responsibility for our own path, our own welfare. We expect others to figure it out, get us to success, heal us from disease, find love and happiness for us.

And look what happens when we give that power away.

It doesn’t work so well, does it?

We lose control. We lose choice. We are just floating along rivers that others have created for us, going along, and usually ending up someplace where we don’t want to end up.

Take a moment to look at your own life. Where have you given power away to others? Where have you let others run your life, your health, your decisions, your feelings?

What were the results?

Were the results what YOU truly desired, versus what others wanted?

Take one of those instances where you gave power away. What if you took that POWER back? What if you took that AUTHORITY away from those other entities and back to yourself? How would it feel?

Imagine what you would be like, if you took charge of that instance and recreated it to your own desires.

Would that be way better than how things are now?

It’s simple. Just use the power that is already inside you.

You just have to make the choice.

Not only to take back power that you gave away, but also to use what you didn’t.

The power to make all things happen is already inside you.

It’s up to you to (re)discover it, and use it.

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