Are You Stuck?

Stuck in your life? Your job? Your circumstances? Your marriage? Your house? Your body even?

How does it feel?

Fearful of moving?
Fearful of making the wrong move?
Uncertain as to where to move? Or how to move?

My coach colleague in crime, Sandy Swanson, just wrote an excellent post on feeling stuck.

Her descriptions parallel many experiences I see in coaching clients. 

An inability to move from where they are now.
Not knowing where to move or how.
Feelings of helplessness. Hopelessness.
Of getting caught up in the stream of fate and not being able to get out of the river.

For some we coach on clarity of their direction. 

We inquire on their passions and purpose. We bring awareness of feelings in possible directions. What do their hearts and guts say about all the options? The directions with the strongest emotions are the ones they need to pay attention to; the rest can be discarded.

NEEDS to be discarded! Otherwise they clutter the consciousness. Release what is not useful!!

Then comes movement. What is blocking them? 

The unknown?
A cloud of thoughts, like the buzzing of angry bees?
A person? A force? The image of….what…?
Lack of worthiness?
Lack of confidence?

Something else?

Many possible blocks and many possible resolutions, always unique to the person.

Or sometimes, it just means taking that first step.

What if you were the Winter Warlock and Santa Claus were your coach? What would it feel like taking that first step, and then putting another foot in front of the other…?

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