Feeling Lost or Stuck in Life?

Can’t figure out which direction to go in? What to do next? 

It’s a common problem for many in these times. Many clients I meet are in LIFE TRANSITION – a point in their lives where they have lived up to this point and things may have been fine for a long time but now things feel…

Plateaued. In career. In relationship. Life.

Unexciting. No more jumping out of bed to tackle the day. No joy.

Directionless. Lost. Every day is the same. No growth. 

Passionless. Without purpose. Why the heck are you even here in this world?

It’s time for change but don’t know how to change or what to change to.

What’s happened? You’ve lost alignment with your true nature. All this time you’ve been pulled around by forces outside of you.

Social media. The news. Other people. People you know. People you don’t know. Influencers. Beautiful people. Fantasy people. AI created people. 

Culture. Religion. Parents. School. The place you live in now. Google. Apps. Video games.

The list goes on.

This is what we call MAGNETIC NORTH. By losing connection with your true self, you get pulled towards MAGNETIC NORTH, the allure of all those external forces, messages, and energies that want you to go their way.

But it’s not your way. 

Otherwise you wouldn’t be feeling lost or stuck, right?

What you need now is finding and getting on path to TRUE NORTH, which is the direction that comes from within. From the authentic YOU.

Launching today, Coach Michelle Naughton and I are holding an 8 week program to STOP getting dragged around by MAGNETIC NORTH and FIND YOUR TRUE NORTH.

What’s different about this program? 

You may have tried the typical ways already. Brainstorming. Filling out worksheets. Making lists. Examining pros and cons. Ranking them from 1 to 10. Setting goals.  And so on.

How did those work for you?

What we do is apply a holistic approach to exploration of what is your AUTHENTIC SELF, which leads you to finally know what your TRUE NORTH points to, so that you can get on the path towards a life that is truly what you want and not what all sorts of external random forces drag you to.

Using esoteric and meditative approaches, we will uncover what is within not only your mind, but also your body and spirit and create a path towards a future that is truly what you desire.

Want to find out more? Check out The Quest for True North page for more information.

Program starts on September 18 and runs on Mondays for 8 weeks. Act now to get your slot! Hope to see you there – we look forward to exploring your body, mind, and spirit all together and acquainting you with your TRUE NORTH.

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