What Do You Do When An Opportunity Shows Up On Your Doorstep?

Ever have an opportunity show up in your life? 

It could be anything. Something you asked for, something that just came.

A chance meeting with someone. An email. A phone message. Something you saw or heard which led to something else.

And when it did, what came up inside you? 

A flash of hope?
Positive feelings like joy and happiness? Relief?
An image of you basking in the benefits and rewards?
A welling up of a draw towards it?

And then what happened?

Did you leap at it? Pursue it further? At least for a little while. To see if it goes anywhere. Maybe it did and you’re thanking the stars above for jumping at it wholeheartedly?

Or did feelings of fear come up? 

The dreaded what-ifs.
Negative thoughts – “It’ll never go anywhere”.
Denial – “Oh that wasn’t for me. It’s not real.”
And later – regret? Anger at yourself for not pursuing it?
Maybe even kicking yourself internally *years* after?

Recently the topic of opportunities has come up in coaching sessions. And how clients responded to them. Since they are sitting in a coaching session, it’s often the negative feelings associated with opportunities, both missed and new.

Is it about the feelings of the missed past opportunities that are holding them here and preventing them from moving forward?

Is it about the fears and lack of hope that prevent them from taking a new opportunity?

Is it a negative view of the world which prevents them from seeing an opportunity in the first place?

Are they disconnected from the intuitive parts of themselves which would have clearly indicated to them that there was an opportunity sitting right in front of them?

How about you? Got an opportunity either sitting on your lap or missed in your past? 

And how do you feel about these opportunities? We can all intellectualize that we should jump on opportunities when they show up but how’s that working for you? Where are the feelings in your opportunity equation? Especially positive ones. Are you ignoring them or are you engaging them to not only FIND them but to LEAP on them?

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