Are Your Thoughts Toxic?

Did you know your thoughts can be toxic?

These are the words that you use to describe your own stories. These are the words that you say to yourself every minute of every day. These are the words that you say to others around you.

Words have power, driving your thoughts to have many physiological effects in you and in others around you.

They may start as just thoughts, but our minds are connected with our bodies and spirit and can eventually end up in other places, literally as toxins, burdening our bodies and spirits with more to deal with.

Until our entire being is burdened with an extra toxic load, now driven simply by our thoughts and the thoughts of others, transmitted to us by words. And affecting our very health!

When you read the above, how true is this for you?

What are the words you use every minute of every day, either within yourself or to others? Are they positive, affirming ones that support you, giving you confidence, resilience, and energy?

Or are they negative ones, creating anger, frustration, doubt, lack of confidence and certainty?

Take a moment now and just right down some going through your head. Anything. Don’t edit or filter. For example, are you reading the news right now? What are your current thoughts about that? Or how are you thinking about what you’re working on now?

Know that we are predisposed towards negative thoughts. In modern times, this is the equivalent of the sabertooth tiger from prehistoric times. These negative thoughts came from somewhere, alerting you of danger. Then they got stuck in you, in an endless loop, so that now the tiger is ever present, all the time!

However, it takes 3-4 times more positive thoughts to counteract entrenched negative ones!

If you have negative thoughts burdening your system like toxins, you’re going to have to work up to 3 to 4 times as hard to detoxify yourself!

If that is true, what might you do to detoxify your thoughts today? What positive shifts in language can you make right now, to start unburdening your system?

What if you took every negative thought you had from the previous mini-exercise, turned them into positive ones, and used those instead? How might you feel then? Give it a try and see!

Image source: @stopchasingpain

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