Do You Read Guru Self Help Books?

Follow them on Instagram? And then self diagnose, use big psychology words, and wonder about all the things that are wrong with you?

The human condition is filled with all sorts of thoughts and feelings.

May I suggest that ALL of them are valid?

It’s OK to feel negative feelings, think negative thoughts. About anything, anyone. About yourself.

Even positive ones.

Society LOVES to place judgements on our thoughts and feelings. You should feel this. You shouldn’t feel that. Can’t think that way. Must think this way. And you feel like crap when you don’t fit in.

Our influencer, guru untrained, self help crowd – and our media – love to heighten your emotions around anything, including the validity of your thoughts and feelings.

Don’t fall for it.

Accept who you are, just as you are. With any and all thoughts and feelings, whether negative or positive. It’s the first step to unwinding any condition you’re experiencing that isn’t serving you right now.

I guarantee your life will be improved 1000%. Give it a try and see.

H/T @seerutkchawla

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