Do You Procrastinate?

Delay getting things done? Waiting until the last moment to work on things? And usually getting them done, but feeling crappy about it?

This often comes up in coaching sessions. We do often deploy the tools shown in the excellent infographic.

However, we always look to what is underneath. What is the root cause of this procrastination? Without solving that, deploying tools like those below can make something harder than necessary.

If you’re a procrastinator, consider these possibilities. Are you delaying because:

…you don’t like the work that needs to be done?
…you don’t actually *want* or *need* to do the work?
…you fear something will happen to you if you do the work?
…you fear judgement or criticism on the work you complete?
…you need help but are afraid to ask for it?
…you don’t think you can do a good enough job?

Or something else?

If one of the above resonates with you, you might want to find some time to address that alongside deploying tools. And if you find tools aren’t working for you, then it is a certainty that there is something else at work within you than just “being a procrastinator.”

Infographic HT @Michael Pedersen on Linkedin.

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