Make a Promise to Yourself Now!

When was the last time you made a promise to yourself and actually kept it?

Or is your life a string of broken promises, like:

Was it last week when you said you were going to work out 3x/ week but didn’t?

Was it telling yourself you wouldn’t procrastinate on a work project and you still did?

Was it saying you would be nicer to your kids but you ended up yelling at them anyways?

And so on.

I’m a big fan of setting intentions every day, every morning at a minimum, and if you have time do it multiple times after.

In many ways, intentions are also making promises to yourself.

Make a promise to do something, and then keep it.

And to the most important (and left out!) person in your life: YOURSELF.

If you can’t seem to keep promises to yourself, then what has you breaking them? What has you thinking that you aren’t important enough to keep promises to?

If the answers above bother you, then set an intention right now, and turn it into a promise to yourself, and set another intention to keep this promise to yourself!

Give this a try and see what happens!

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