Finding Resilience in this Layoff Environment

This is not news to you. Layoffs are all over the place. You may be one of those impacted. And still reeling from feelings of loss and abandonment, if not anger at all the possible reasons.

If you’ve been out there applying for jobs, you’re probably noticing that it’s taking way longer. That the flood of applicants is removing any chance of a recruiter looking at yours. And that there really aren’t that many openings at all (lovely to hear that other industries are hiring, just not yours). Not to mention really feeling the weight of the high price of buying or doing anything these days.

You’re probably wondering when you’re going to work again, if at all.
Stressing about your bank account dropping lower and lower.
How to make ends meet.

Many of my clients are like this now and we are coaching to get through this time. Working slowly but surely to getting that new role. What’s it gonna take?

What in the job search haven’t you done yet? Networking? Applying even more aggressively? Casting the net wider? Looking at other industries? Moving? Starting your own business? Investing in yourself?

Living in discomfort.
Being OK with where you are now. Bringing yourself back to the present instead of living in the uncertain future. Reducing expenses and changing lifestyle. Changing jobs even. Going back to school. Moving back home. What do you need to make these changes bearable, or even welcomed?

Resolving blocks.
What is blocking you from getting up in the morning to keep going? What feelings need addressing? Hopelessless? Frustration? Anger for losing your job? Shame for potentially taking a job you don’t want?

Shift the mindset.
Easier said than done, is what you might be thinking. What if you were to celebrate rejections instead of feeling bad about them? Remember that everyone needs to experience no’s before getting that elusive yes. If you never put yourself out there, where’s the yes coming from? What other shifts from negative to positive can you make?

Where’s the self care?
It’s easy to just close the blinds, curl up in bed with the covers over your head. But what could make you feel better and give you energy to get up and keep going? A walk outside. Working out. Meditation if you’re into that. Uplifting music. A stroll through nature.

As you look at some of the resolutions my clients have discovered and deployed successfully above, take a moment to list which one above affects you. Then put your pen down and take it all in. Take a few deep calming breathes. Then ask yourself with each item, what can you shift to give yourself resilience and energy to keep moving in life during these turbulent times?

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