Dogs Are Smarter Than Humans

We could learn a lot from dogs. Dogs just enjoy the moment. The moment of being with their human. Enjoying the view. The company. The companionship.

The human? We’re looking at our phones. Worrying about the future. About what else we haven’t gotten done today. What other people think of us. Who is loving us and who is not. The list goes on.

But wait, what about his dog? And the moment?

How many humans do you know who can just sit and be, with their dog, in the moment and just enjoy? Or even by themselves?

Can you?

Give it a try. With or without your dog.

Go somewhere and sit, like a park bench. DO NOT LOOK AT YOUR PHONE. Just kick back and look around. What do you see? What do you hear? Feel the air swirling around you. The sun on your skin. Breathe in the pulse and life of the earth and everything around you.

Look also inside your head. What do you see? If a thought comes in, just observe. Let it float around. Dance. Sing. Yell. Scream. Just let it do whatever it wants to do and sit back and watch. And when it’s ready, just let it drift away.

If you brought you dog, lay your hand on its head. Feel its love and warmth.

And enjoy the moment together.

How do you feel now?

Is it time to be more present and in the moment in your life?

HT James Robinson

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