What If You Suffer From the Other A.D.D.?

These days, I meet a lot of people who tell me they have ADD or ADHD. Yeah, the one that has to do with attention.

However, what about the other ADD?

Awe Deficiency Disorder.*

Yep. The lack of AWE in your life.

What happens without AWE in your life?

According to the Greater Good, you’d be missing out on improvements in:

Mood and satisfaction with life.
Thinking critically, sharpening your brain.
Reductions in materialistic feelings.
Feelings smaller and more humble.
Perception in having more patience and time.
Connection to others and humanity in general.

Source: Eight Reasons Why Awe Makes Your Life Better, Greater Good

Isn’t that worth spending some time seeking out and experiencing awe?

It certainly isn’t found with your nose buried in your phone. Or camped out in front of the TV. Or sitting at home every day and night.

That’s how you GET deficient in AWE.

Instead, go find it.
Have WONDEROUS experiences.
A jaw dropping concert. An IMAX movie.
Go Zip Lining. Experience amazing art.
Look at towering trees. Across a canyon. Marvel at the expanse of stars at night.
Climb a tall mountain.
See the WORLD.
Visit monuments. Amazing buildings. Someplace way older than you. Way older than humans even.

That sounds pretty cool, right?

So when are you going out to find some AWE? How about today? How about RIGHT NOW?

*Another great one from the Huberman Lab podcast with Tim Ferris!

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